04 March 2007

The King over the water

Is the return of Moretben imminent? Are the insistent rumours of his release from Midland exile correct? Can those of us who have kept burning a small candle, lit from the tremendous fire of his saeva indignatio, proudly proclaim the return of our Chief? Are heretics quaking? Are liberals desperately recanting yesterday's received opinion? Are traditionalist apologists looking to the acres once walked by Belloc to catch sight of their leader?

We wait, and we hope.


Fr Ray Blake said...

Amusing: I am looking out over the English channel, from a room Belloc often visited, though I cannot yet see a sail in the offing, I cannot fail but hear the growing sound of faint canon that prelude his return.
One private missive scratched onto one of those missiles suggests that that ship that is promised to come before his coming might even be here this or next week, though the hand that writes is not quite connected to the head.

Moretben said...

If I didn't know you better, I'd suspect you of having hatched a fiendish stratagem aimed at paralysing me with stage-fright. How am I supposed to follow that?

Father - I have another bus test looming; let's hope for the safety of your flock that hand and head are communicating adequately by the time Churchill Square "hoves" into view.

Moretben said...

Okay. It's up. Part I - The Head. Pretty bog standard stuff, I'm afraid.
Part II - The Heart, is better, so bear with me!