19 November 2007

Photograph of a Saint at Mass

Courtesy of Jeffrey, I have this picture of a Saint at Mass.

Kneeling at the right is His Imperial and Royal Majesty the Emperor Charles, now Blessed Charles of Austria.
I posted some time ago a picture of an Australian Padre in New Guinea in WWII. A subtext to that post was the adaptability of the Extraordinary form of the Mass: that adaptability is shown here too, where Mass is celebrated in a railway siding, next to a hospital train.
But as worthy of note is the adaptability of an Emperor, who humbles himself in front of his Sovereign Lord.


Mrs Jackie Parkes MJ said...

Wonderful picture & post..

Anonymous said...

Why should the humbling of an Emperor at a Mass be worthy of note?

Ttony said...

Because, used to the finest of things, he could have had a prie-dieu brought with him, or he and his wife could have remained seated on the chairs behind them. Here is a man brought up in unimaginable luxury, and the only privilege he claims is to be present at the action of a priest turning water and wine into God.