06 September 2009

Fr Fortescue

No, I'm not going to write the whole book out, bit by bit. I note that Abebooks has plenty of copies available. But I liked this enough to want to share:

"Our so called Missa Cantata is the compromise of a compromise, a Low Mass, with singing as at High Mass, only justifiable to enhance the dignity of Sunday Mass when a deacon and subdeacon cannot be had. (And the practice of saying a Low Mass while the choir sings bits of things is too dreadful to be described.)"

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fr paul harrison said...

In the parish archives for St Patricks I have discovered that in the 1920's they had High Mass just once a year and Missa Cantata just 5 times a year!!. The rest, I presume were Low Masses.

Im blogging again by the way!