03 November 2009

Fr Hugh Thwaites

I had been looking for some new mp3s to listen to on the bus and went to the Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice website to see if they had anything. Nothing much inspired me, but I was sufficiently intrigued by the following quote to download a couple of talks:

War Memoirs of an Amateur by Rev. Hugh Thwaites SJ

"In that first letter home I told my parents I had become a Catholic since leaving England, and that, in spite of everything (42 months in Changi gaol) I'd had the happiest three and a half years of my life".

The first talk was better recorded than the second, but, that apart, this is an experience separate to any I have ever had. I have heard many stories of captivity by the Japanese, but none before that have been inspired by Christian Joy. This story has been a life-changing experience for me. I have never so wanted a story not to end since childhood.


berenike said...

Fr Hugh Thwaites is amazing. He once in an off-hand way told me what I would do with my life. I keep meaning to write to him and check if it was a John Vianney soul-reading thing, or just a casual comment ...

Rubricarius said...

I am glad to learn Fr. Thwaites is still(?) alive. Where is he now?

I have not seen him since he was at Chipping Norton some 12 or so years ago.

Ponte Sisto said...

He's a gem!

Rubricarius, he lives in East Sussex.

Moretben said...

On a wet Wednesday evening a few years ago, passing the Jesuit church in Glasgow and noticing that confessions were in progress, I took the opportunity to join the queue.

To my intense shame and mortification my mobile went off during the recitation of my sins, and I got a real rocket from the Minister of the Sacrament: "Pit that aff when ye come in here!" (if I'd had the presence of mind, I'd have slid it under the grille and said "It's for you.").

Anyway, three weeks later I was serving Low Mass to Fr. Thwaites when a jaunty, tinny little tune started up half way through the Offertory. The celebrant fumbled through his alb (ad orientem, of course) and withdrew the offending object from his trouser pocket. I received it with a deep liturgical bow and bore it off to the sacristy, basking in the delicious glow known only to those who've Had Their Revenge on the Jesuits.

I understand Father is now very frail indeed, and unable to say Mass. Please pray for him - he's one of Jesus's very own.

Moretben said...

Another Fr Thwaites story is his fit of mischievous laughter at the title of the renewed LMS magazine - "Mass of Ages" (Yes! Doesn't it go on for ages...?)

Priscilla said...

Fr Thwaites served our parish, St Mary's by the Sea in Huntington Beach, California circa 2000 while our pastor was on vacation. I complained to him that my 3 and 5 year old children were not old enough to be my prayer companions for our family rosary especially because the 3 year old wandered about the room. He replied, "Three! That's too old to start! You should have started him younger! Let him wander! He'll benefit from the daily rosary!" And of course he was right.