09 May 2010

Keep Your Hand On Your Ha'penny

Not advice about economics.

When I was about 13 or 14, there was nothing more embarrassing than hearing my Grandmother and her friends singing this song.

Nowadays I can only marvel at them.



JARay said...

Well, Ttony, I can not just remember 'aipnees, I can also remember farthins!

Mike Cliffson said...

For tthis we've been waiting?

Been trying to work out ways this coulda influenced the election had you posted it during civil servant pùrdah period.

Several ideas, none mentionable as a guest commentator on a family blog.

(It sure could be applicable to present "intercambio de cromos"*)
*For those unused to the results of PR, Spanish expression as of schoolboys trading flick-cards applied to political horsetrading behind closed doors as our elected masters cobble together support for a government or a particular piece of legislation, the voters having spoken once in 4 yrs know their place and keep mum.
You have been warned.