29 September 2010

Pravda Or Izvestiya?

Might it just be possible that this is a creature of the permanent staff of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of England and Wales?  At one, or two removes, of course; far enough away to be deniable, particularly to their Graces and Lordships.

It's easy to see how much the staff of the CBCEW costs: what does it do?


Left-footer said...

They published an attack today on John Smeaton.

Either I have delusional memory, or the earlier version spoke of SPUC as "hardline" and referred to "Taleban Catholics".

Now these remarks seem to have been removed.


Anagnostis said...

Qango or not, they're clearly another bunch of bumptious middle-class types convinced that rational discourse is co-extensive with themselves.

Mike Cliffson said...
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