08 January 2011

Tabula Non Adhuc Delenda, Sed ...

(Sorry if the Latin isn't right, but need brooks for no delay.)

Good news for everyone who wishes to see the Tablet resemble John Cleese's parrot: it is haemorrhaging money - thousands of pounds each week according to the latest accounts it has eventually posted.

The bad news is that it still sells (or rather has a circulation of) more than 22,000 copies each week, which seems to mean that it is read by 60,000 people each week.  And they have given grants of £60,000 to people to attend courses on "pastoral work".

There were two separate losses: the rag itself was responsible for most of the loss, but "The Tablet Trust"'s investments weren't very productive either.  But don't start breaking open the laid up port just yet: the support of Catholics throughout the 20th Century have left the Trust with comfortable reserves. 

In related news: only one employee earns between £90K and £100K, and only one earns betweens £80K and £90K.

The accounts are available from the Charity Commission, here.


Bill Casey said...

I'm not sure that my Latin is exactly perfect (ei qui in aedibus vitreis vivunt saxa iacere non debent or something), but I think it should be "Tabula adhuc non deleta est"!

Many thanks, however, for cheering me up on a dreary Edinburgh day with such good news.

Left-footer said...

Thanks for this good news. The sooner the Tablet bites the dust the better.

Patrick said...

Left-footer wrote: "The sooner the Tablet bites the dust the better."

If only...but how can faithful Catholics advance that day?