19 March 2011

Busy, Not Uninspired

My world has gone frantic over the last couple of weeks and I have spent very little time here - and when I have been on line in these parts I have done little but comment a couple of times.

I've missed the big moon, too.

Like General MacArthur, "I shall return", and soon, I hope, and in the interim, if you have any interesting ideas about where "influential" Catholics are to be found, can you drop me an e-mail?  Ta.


Mike Cliffson said...

Surely the most influential are the church triumphant?
Or may one take it fra' th'inverted commas
That "influential" means ·those whom screwtape honours?

FrGregACCA said...

I like Mike's comment about the influential members of the Church Triumphant. Yes, indeed.

If you are uninspired, that's okay. I'm usually either uninspired or trying to figure out how to take an inspiration and turn into a coherent blog post.