10 August 2011

Did You Hear About The Thick Rioter ...

Did you hear about the thick rioter who was arrested by police for stealing 30 chicken tikka masalas?

It turned out he'd misunderstood his mates when they said they were going out to rob Currys.

Aye thang yow!


Left-footer said...

Love it!

Thanks for cheering us up, something I have no talent for.

God bless!

georgem said...

Kaindly leave the stage.

Mike Cliffson said...

There has to be an even worse one , Ive a vague memory of a knock-knock rhyming hoodie with Who de.., but yours is definitely the protem winner!
Cf Barnaby rudge: Dickens has jailed rioters , condemned to death, who turned out to be catholic, intimating that the old adam in all of us in mob hysteria overcame the original setoff of the Gordon Riots, anticatholicicsm -does antone know how historically true this is, or most purely anecdotal one or two cases?

Two .yours is a joke, but more to the point than tons of MSM outpourings: Dickens again, tale of two cities: , approx: "Is it that this harvest is the only one in history that was not sown, whose outcome was not warned against?"
CF Mother Teresa on how abortion's murder will violently flower into society.
We aint seen nothing yet, so have some more good jokes ready!

Ttony said...

"to talk of this terrible Revolution as if it were the only
harvest ever known under the skies that had not been
sown—as if nothing had ever been done, or omitted to be
done, that had led to it"

Mike Cliffson said...