18 June 2012

If I Had My Own Church

Anyone who likes Church-crawling, like me, will constantly come up against the power that the owner of the benefice had over the Church he (or she) possessed if she (or he) had a compliant vicar.

This struck me as a step too far, though.

A stained glass picture of a saint, as I thought, worshipping the Precious Blood, turned out to be ...

Sir Galahad!

Wonderful as his part in the Grail legend is, I don't think he should be in a church window!


Clerk said...

Where was this? I've seen a stained-glass Galahad in a church on the Isle of Wight, but that was at least as a memorial to Tennyson. This looks rather less explicable!

Ttony said...

Eastnor, in Herefordshire. The Earl Somers have a family burial Chapel there as well.

Clerk of Oxford said...

Thanks, that's interesting.