25 December 2013

What's He Saying?

From the team that came up with "I can't believe it's not Rutter" and started using different harmonies to well known carols, and even tunes not published in Carols For Choirs, comes "The Hunt for Different Translations". 

O come all ye faithful!
Triumphantly sing!
Come see in the manger
The Angels' dread King!
To Bethlehem hasten
With joyful accord;
Oh hasten! oh hasten!
To worship the Lord.

True Son of the Father,
he comes from the skies;
The womb of the Virgin
He did not despise;
Not made but begotten,
The Lord of all might,
True God of true God,
True Light of true light.

Hark! to the Angels,
All singing to Heaven,
"To God in the highest
High glory be given."

To Thee, then, O Jesus,
This day of Thy birth,
Be glory and honour
Through Heaven and earth!
True Godhead incarnate,
Omnipotent! Word,
Oh, hasten! oh hasten!
To worship the Lord.

What tune shall we use?  Immortal Invisible?

Happy Christmas, everybody!


Mike Cliffson said...

tradditore traidore.
Folks don't appreciate St Jerome, slavin away not just to get a good latin translation, but respecting at every word the timeworn , familiar, and cherished vetus latina of his times - I ever oncet heard a Oxfud man wiv german, lkatin , n greek under's belt, opining that it musta bin easier for him!
FR hunwicke rather has a thing about respecting, or not traditional versions , : Hymns n carols aint liturgy, but it aint , in the original sense, edifying.
God's blessings this Christmas, and God send you it merry, (albeit windswept, wet , dank, snowy, etc.
But no earthquakes, you can't have everything, .)
BTW : sombody has come up with decent christian words in Spanish to jingle bells.
I still don't like it, its a thanksgiving carol, and for people with a spiritual age of 18 months in my judgemental opinion, but we do progress.

Ben Trovato said...

A props nothing at all, I have just awarded you a Sunshine Award: http://ccfather.blogspot.co.uk/2014/01/bringing-sunshine.html

Left-footer said...
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