13 March 2014

Collect for Feast of the Spear and Nails of Our Lord Jesus Christ

Tomorrow would once have been the Feast of the Spear and Nails of Our Lord Jesus Christ.  The Collect of the Feast would have been:
O God, who in the weakness of that flesh which thou hadst taken, wast pleased to be pierced with nails, and with a spear to be wounded for the salvation of the world; mercifully grant that we, who keep the solemnity of the same spear and nails on earth, may rejoice in the glorious triumph of thy victory in heaven.
The Gospel of the Mass would have been John 19 28-35, and the Last Gospel would have been the proper for the Friday - Ember Friday - in the first week of Lent: John 5 1-13.
The Collect and Postcommunion for Ember Friday would have been said as second Collect and second Postcommunion.

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