29 December 2014

Just A Thought ...

As "Midnight" Mass at Christmas  moves backwards to become earlier and earlier on Christmas Eve (6.00 pm is the earliest I know of this year: any advance ... err ... retreat?) why do we have to have the Easter Vigil so late?  Could we not start moving it backwards too?  Give it a few years and a bit of elastic thinking that seems to fit the current Vatican mood if the subject under discussion has to do with modern marriage habits, we could be back to pre-1955 in no time!

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Anonymous said...

In the local Deanery of Priests [somewhere in South east England] they have voted to find ways to become more "user friendly" and realise that Saturday evening Mass is unworkable and think maybe early Saturday afternoon better. Nicer for families not to have to go to Church, especially not on Sundays. Maybe they'll do the same for the Vigil.