11 April 2015

Low Sunday 1863

12 LOW SUNDAY. Double. White. Vespers of the Sunday with commemoration of St Hermenegildus. [In Diocese of Hexham and Newcastle Plenary Indulgence.]

The time for fulfilling the obligation of PASCHAL COMMUNION ends.

The indulgence ends.

13 Monday. St Hermenegildus, Martyr, semidouble. Second prayers Concede. Third Prayers for the Church or the Pope. Red.

14 Tuesday. St Francis of Paula, Confessor, double (transferred from 2 April). Second prayers of SS Tiburtius, Valerian and Maximus. White.

15 Wednesday. St Richard, Bishop Confessor, double (transferred from 3 April)White.

16 Thursday. St Isidore, Bishop Confessor Doctor, double (transferred from 4 April).  Creed. White.

17 Friday. St Vincent Ferrer, Confessor, double (transferred from 5 April). Second prayers of St Anicetus, Pope Martyr. White. Abstention.

18 Saturday. St Leo the Great, Pope Confessor Doctor, double (transferred from 11 April). Creed. White. [In Dioceses of Clifton, St David's and Newport, and Plymouth, principal Mass of the BVM, with Gloria, Creed and one prayer. White.]

Easter has come to a close and now is the time to start catching up on the feast days which were missed during Holy Week and Easter Week: in fact we will catch up quite easily.  If you were expecting to find St Justin Martyr's feast on 14 April, bear in mind that the feast was instituted as late as 1882, and was moved to 1 June in 1969.

The "Prayers of the Time" have changed too: Second prayers of the BVM are Concede, and will be so until after Whit.

What will eventually become Our Lady's Saturday is beginning to become noticeable: in three dioceses the main Mass will be of Our Lady rather than of the transferred feast of Pope St Leo.

At Wootton Hall in Henley-in-Arden, the Carington family maintains a priest, the Rev Peter Jos. Hewitt, for the district.  Mass on Sunday is at 10.30. Catechism, Devotions and Benediction are at 3.00 pm. On Holydays, Mass is at 9.00, and a Lecture is followed by Devotions and Benediction at 3,00. Weekday Mass is at 8.30. There is Benediction after Mass on the first Friday each month.

You can send your five year old sons to a boarding school.

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Trisagion said...

This is the school to which the school and monastic community at Douai would remove in 1903.