03 October 2015

Nineteenth Sunday After Pentecost 1863

4 SUNDAY Nineteenth after Pentecost, The Most Holy Rosary of the BVM, greater double. Commemoration and Last Gospel of the Sunday. Preface of the BVM. White. Second Vespers of the feast, commemorations of the Sunday and of Sts Placid and Companions, Martyrs. Plenary Indulgence. [In Diocese of Southwark, Collection.]

Monday. St Francis, Confessor, double (transferred from 4 October). Second prayers of St Placid and Companions, Martyrs. White.

6 Tuesday. St Bruno, Confessor, double. White. [In Diocese of St David's and Newport, the Octave of St Michael, double. Creed. White.]

Wednesday.  Sts Cosmas and Damian, Martyrs, semidouble (transferred from 27 September). Second prayers of St Mark, Pope Confessor. Third prayers of St Sergius and Companions, Martyrs. Red. [In Diocese of St David's and Newport, St Bruno, Confessor, double. Second prayers of St Mark, Pope Confessor. Third prayers of St Sergius and Companions, Martyrs. White.]

Thursday. St Bridget, Widow, double. White.

9 Friday.  St Denys and Companions, Martyrs, semidouble. Second prayers A Cunctis.  Third prayers at the choice of the priest. Abstinence.

10 Saturday. St Paulinus, Bishop Confessor, double. White. [In Dioceses of Beverley, Plenary Indulgence.]

October is Mary's month: three Sundays are dedicated to a Marian festival. Not all of these even survived Pius X. More on this as the month progresses.

The feast of the Most Holy Rosary displaces St Francis of Assisi this year: I can't believe that there were any Franciscans who were worried.

St Paul's, on Queen Elizabeth-square in Dover, is served by the Revs Joseph Savage and Richard G Davis.  (Their residence is at 22 Castle-street.) Masses on Sunday are at 9.00 and 10.00, with High Mass at 11.00. Catechism is at 2.00, and Vespers and Benediction is at 3.00, and Prayers, Sermon and Benediction is at 6.00.  On Holydays Mass is at 9.00, and High Mass at 10.00. Benediction is at 6.00.  On weekdays, Mass is at 9.00. Rosary is every evening at 6.00. On Wednesday there is Benediction for schoolchildren at 4.00 pm. On Thursday there is Benediction after Rosary. Confessions in English and French every evening after Rosary, and on Saturday evenings from 6.00 until 8.00. The parish serves Dover Barracks, the Military Hospital and the Workhouse.

Click on the link to hear O Queen of the Holy Rosary.


Anonymous said...

Very nicely sung version of the hymn but completely wrong tune. That tune belongs to 'Jesus is God the solid earth'.(see Westminster Hymnal.) Queen of the Holy Rosary in this country has a completely different tune and no 'O' at the beginning.

Ttony said...

It's the only tune I have ever heard it sung to, not that I've heard it sung for 20 tears or more.