07 February 2008

The Archbishop Of Canterbury And Sharia

Reading what the Archbishop said here, and on linked pages, I tried desparately to find some let out, some indication that this most learned of men, and, according to friends who know him well, this most loving and friendliest of men, had been misquoted.

I have a healthy relationship with the CofE: I write the "News from Rome" column for my local (high) Anglican parish magazine and never darken the door of the Parish Church except for funerals and when taking visitors to see what the building of a monastic foundation of the 12th Century might look like: mutatis mutandis, my Anglican friends do the same (though there is no letter from Canterbury in our parish magazine). The politics of the Anglican Communion are beyond me: I don't comment on them because it feels like trying to comment on Jeux Sans Frontieres if you are neither Stewart Hall nor Eddie Waring (and you'll either get that or you won't).

But what on earth was the Welshman saying today? Was it some sort of desire to give up the job? Was it a way of saying that he wants to be a purely local Archbishop and give up on the worldwide Anglican Communion?

Let's pray for Anglicans, that they regain their sense, and that they decide, once and for all, to be Catholics or Protestants.

As a Spaniard might say: ¡Quién te ha visto y quién te ve!

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