04 February 2008

We Are Being Watched ...

... well, some of us are.

If, like me, you like looking at the logs produced by the free sitemeter available from (for example) here, you will get a good idea about where in the world your readers come from. I've noticed something interesting recently; at least one visitor is coming in on a fairly regular basis whose domain is vatican.va, and who, therefore, is surfing from one of the Dicasteries.

What has been more of a surprise is that the referrer (ie the site from which he comes to mine) is usually one of the über-blogger English priests who has my blog in his blogroll; I checked with him and he has noticed him too. A couple of e-mails shows that there is a definite trend: a range of Catholic blogs are being visited regularly from the Vatican.

Now, it is distinctly possible - even likely - that an English Monsignor who has finished his day's work is using the office facilities because he doesn't have access to the Internet at home.

It makes you think, though, doesn't it?


Paulinus said...

I've had him too. I wonder if he reports up the food chain to, well, You-Know-Who?

Benfan said...

No wonder why there are all these anonymous protests against Westminster replacement discussions on the trad blogs. No wonder why the Pope said - get on the net people. Great times to be living in. Great times to be awake.

gemoftheocean said...

Fine by me. IT would be good if a few "powers that be" scanned the blogs. Now granted, it's a self-selecting subset of those who blog, and it might be hard to get any true statistical representation out of it, but I 'd dearly, for instance, LOVE it if someone siting upstream from my bishop read what I thought of his little stunt to blackmail the priests of our diocese into paying "reparations"
for what OTHERS did. I called that blog item chutzpa.