06 May 2008

Just This Once - Politics!

A new tax code, inspired by the abolition of the 10% rate means that I (plutocrat high rate tax payer than I am) have seen my take home pay rise by just under 1%, which is somewhat lower than the rate of inflation. My wife, whose wage is a lot lower than mine was able to celebrate a 1% cut; this is a lot lower than the rate of inflation. Believe it or not, this is not my point.

We received our pay advice last Monday, three days before pay day, four days before the date of the local elections. Who on earth would vote for anybody whose idea of slipping bad news through was to do so just before an election? How can a party which receives such ridiculously bad advice consider itself fit for government?

And, yes! I am feeling ratty, having been told that next Tuesday's meeting in London has to start at 0800, which means I have to stay over on Monday.

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Jeffrey Smith said...

That doesn't sound good. Remember what Samuel Johnson said about being tired of London. Of course, it's changed a bit since then.