28 May 2008

What Does The Red Light On The Freezer Mean?

It means we'll be on a full fry tomorrow morning, and steak (steaks!) tomorrow evening. Luckily, it's bin day tomorrow, because the bin is now full to overflowing.

So I spoke to the home insurance claims line. The freezer (a Class A) is five years old, so we've no claim that it should be working as new, and we could claim for the contents, but we'd have to pay £100 excess, and then lose 5 years no-claims bonus on the whole of the contents insurance. In other words, we'll be out of pocket if we claim.

Basically, the motor carried on working, but the pump didn't. By the time we discovered it, the soft stuff was defrosted, and the meat was on the turn.

So, ring the council to come and collect the freezer (£35) and then off to buy a new one.

Ho hum.

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John said...

Life's like that Ttony. I spent the whole of yesterday (and I've not finished yet) working at repairing a gate post which had been eaten away by termites. I never thought that they would get into it but they did. Out side it looked finebut when you poked your finger into the clean paintwork it simply went through. They had got in through brickwork on one side of the post. The mortar was crumbly and they worked through it. Of course it is the side which holds up the gate and everything had to be re-aligned. I'm hoping that the catches meet properly when I finally hang the gate. I have an aching back to contend with as well.