04 October 2008

Priests: How To Really Annoy A Tabletista!

The idea arises from a comment by Fr Brown, here, but its development is entirely my own.

Imagine publicising a Mass using one of the Childrens' Eucharistic Prayers from the Roman Missal, and then doing it in its Latin original! The whole Mass done "soberly": biretta, maniple, ad orientem, chant.

Have a large group of properly prepared and catechised children, able to provide servers and to sing the ordinary prayers.

And then invite the Tablet.


Flabellum said...

Latest from Rome is that the Childrens Eucharistic Prayers are to be discontinued!

the mother of this lot said...

I see a slight flaw here. Where are you going to find the properly prepared and catechised children? Oh right...it's you and me hiring a classroom and doing it ourselves is it?

Actually. that doesn't sound like a bad idea...I'm game if you are!