28 November 2008

Darts: The Manchester Board


The Mother Of That Lot has had considerable trouble with offspring who "help" at Christmas. Look here.
She titles her post "Options Evening", which is enough to frighten anybody who has, or has had, children in Year 9 or 11.
But she shows a weird picture of a darts board with the numbers in the wrong order, some coloured stuff in the middle of it, numbers written in wire, and a bizarre extra wire ring about a third in.
I wonder if she is planning a cruel and unusual punishment on her offspring: "you have messed up my Christmas shopping and I will mess up your life by teaching you how to play darts on a dart board which isn't Mancunian".
The Manchester board: for arrers.


the mother of this lot said...

I knew it was going to be that even before I came here! Can I help it if M&S don't do a Manchester dartboard? If you recall, it wasn't even on the list in the first place.

East Ender said...

For a real game of skill try this board (the oche is set at 9 feet!)

JARay said...

Well Ttony, at least one bit is right. There are no trebles, but then I can't see the bizarre extra wire about one third in.
I used to fill many evenings in at a local pub playing datrs. I was never an expert but my mental arithmetic became very good indeed. What really startled me was that one evening one of the very best players turned up with his hands all bandaged. He had actually fed his fingers into a circular saw!
Now tell me, how can someone who is extremely skilled in placing darts in the right positions on a board, be so silly as to feed his fingers into a circular saw, one after another? His right hand was left with his thumb and little finger.


Ches said...

Which reminds me of an old Mike Harding sketch

Wife: Where've ya bin?

MH: (slurring) Bin for a game of arrers with the lads.

Wife: Three bloody weeks?

MH: It were an away match.

Anonymous said...

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