10 November 2008

The Green Fields Of France

On the vigil of Armistice Day.
Not the version by the Fureys.


the mother of this lot said...

Can't get any sound, but doesn't matter, I sang it myself. First heard this song donkeys years ago in an Irish bar in Spain. Cried for the rest of the week.

You are the only person apart from my mother who I have ever heard say 'roady bacon'.

White or brown for the Stoke match?

the mother of this lot said...

Flicking through your blogroll I found an excellent post on Joe Versus the Volcano about retroactive praying for a decent result during the late night highlights - a subject which has always concerned me.

The Football Fanatic is having none of it. With her, there is no suspension of time and space. If you're not on your knees to St. Anthony (Heaven's biggest Red, apparently), throughout the entire ninety minutes real time, you've had it. No amount of prayer during Match of The Day will have any effect.

Aren't you thankful for these erudite conversations?

alban said...

It is 25th Nov 2008, and so I've stumbled on this video 2 weeks after Armistice Day, and I wept anew for the horrors of war and for the countless men and women who have died as a result of the sinfulness of humanity. The Green Fields of France is a powerful song, and for some reason images of the Great War are more haunting to me than those of any other, though I am unable to explain why.