22 December 2010

Thank Goodness For Global Warming!

Fieldfare and Redwing huddle in a tree, puffed up against the cold.

One of the Redwings came close to the front of the house.  They have never comes as close before.

Thank Goodness for global warming!  Because imagine how much worse things would be if we weren't suffering from it!


Rubricarius said...

Diced apple, and pear, will bring Redwings closer in cold weather. I think Fieldfares are actually rather more shy.

In London we have had about ten brace of Shoveler come onto the canal when it has been really cold. Every time I cast swan pellets on the water they take off - more flighty than Teal even - so I am struggling to see how I can help them.

georgem said...

My hungry lot have been eating me out of house and home: 8kg of seed plus suet pellets and fruit in three short weeks.
Robins, wrens, chaffinches, goldfinches, all kinds of tit, sparrows, starlings, blackbirds, a lone thrush, fieldfares, redwings, greater spotted woodpecker, magpies, crows, wood and (curses,feral) pigeons.
On Christmas Eve morning I got dive-bombed by a robin while filling the feeder before scattering seed on the ground. He flew so close I felt the vibration of his wings. I think he was cross because I was a little later than usual.