01 December 2010

To See Ourselve As Other See Us

Catholic World Report has an article about the Church in England and Wales here.

I bet the Bishops' Conference comes up with the facts to refute the assertions made in the article before the week is out.

Just at the same time, no doubt, as Lord Lucan, riding Shergar, catches up with Elvis.


Left-footer said...

Very good article, and thanks for the link.

There is very little I would put beyond these 'shiten shepherds' as Chaucer called them.

Tweeting your post now.

JARay said...

Although non-resident in the land of my birth, I am sure that this article really puts the position of the Church in England. It is deplorable. What gets me more upset is that recent appointments are just as bad as before. I keep in mind the lament found in the Book of Revelation to the effect that when the end really comes, will there be any faithful left? Of course the Old Testament tells again and again of the falling away of the Chosen People but that God still finds a remnant somewhere to begin again.

Left-footer said...

Trust Him: He will.

Mike Cliffson said...

Thanks for the hattip TTony. A clear and lucid article.
Oh Golly, I suppose it's best to know, but I do so wish there were somewhere I could say"not so" or, Yes but" . Expat nigh on 40 years, instance by instance fits my own family's, or close friends', experience, at parish and diocesan level, let alone what's public record.(Obviously not the behind the scenes stuff behind it all - how should I know whether there be the slightest and most temporary basis for the soubriquet of a certain ecclesiatical gentleman being the adjective from the substance which, along with mud, the music-hall poor-but-honest maiden dragged her way through.) AT One time catholics were fairly automatic about prayer and works for reparation to our lord, I feel this is due, but Im lax enough about daily prayer anyway. One could imitate gaudi and build a reparatory Basilica, but where're the priests to fill it?
One thing- there's sometimes somthing about surnames. 19th cent:
We had Newman, Manning and Wiseman.
Be worth finding a priest with an auspicious surname for E&W needs and forwarding it to the Holy Father?
Trouble is, it's like suggesting new bosses for observatore romano - not who could do it better now - I could myself - but who could , once in postion , continually the better ask God's support under the temmptations the brightest ever of angels , as was, can dream up.
I ften compare myself to that clownfish in Nemo" instead of "just keep swimming, just keep swimming", "just keep praying, Just keep praying!" And all shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner things shall be well.
By the way , do the combox words HAVE to be things like "spawn"?, I mean, it could be a , no perish the thought, surname.