02 April 2011

Bishop Alert!

There is to be a gathering at Southwark Cathedral on Monday of all of the Anglican Bishops and all of the Catholic Bishops.  You might be like me and wonder why 24 Catholic Bishops think that spending time en masse with their Anglican confrères matters, but hey ho.

Bishop Cunningham  is otherwise engaged, as apparently are Bishops Burns, Malone, and Williams, on diocesan duties.  Poor old Bishop Doyle is having a hip replacement, and Bishop Evans, for whom we should all be praying, is preparing to meet his Maker.

But Archbishop Nichols won't be there either: he's had a better offer.  He is to appear on Radio 4's Start the Week!

What has the Catholic Hierarchy come to!


Left-footer said...

What a waste of episcopal time - can't they find something useful to do?


Londiniensis said...

Err, look chaps, this Ordinariate thingy, not our idea, German chappie in Rome, we're really horribly embarrassed, look, it'll all die away after the initial hoo-ha, wait a bit, things will settle down, we'll get back to business as usual, OK?

georgem said...

Perhaps it's a meeting to discuss the formation of an ordinariate within the Anglican communion.
Go for it, I say.
Let's hope the Nuncio has not been persuaded to make an appearance or we're all doomed.

Anagnostis said...

I thought +Vin was rather good on R4 this morning.