19 April 2011

Is The Church In E&W Ready For Fr Hunwicke

Fr Hunwicke, it seems to me, is an embodiment of the Anglican Patrimony some of us would love to see the Ordinariate bring as its gift to the Church which finally can fully embrace its members.  Erudite, witty, feline; rightly aware of the gifts he has been given, but humble in their application; tolerant of men if not of their opinions; and rooted in an ecclesiology which has sought Rome for a century and a half while maintaining the fruits which have grown from the soil in which their stock was planted.

That I now own and read books by Thurston, Dix, Bishop and Gasquet is due entirely to him.  It was through reading his posts that I realised how unaware I really was of the History of Catholicsm.  (What would it take to pull his posts together into a book?)

I hope that he will just carry on just being his online self after the next few weeks have passed.  I ca't help wondering how ready the Hierarchy is for what is coming.


georgem said...

One of God's great spiritual movers and shakers, for sure.

Kelso said...

And what is going on with our beloved Father H? His reception is being "deferred" and he is closing his blog! We daily readers love his blog and have esteem for the writer. Please enlighten us.