24 June 2011

Eucharistic Adoration Flashmob

Courtesy of the Canon's Stall.


Left-footer said...

Wonderful, beautiful, magnificent, and brought me close to tears.

Thank you, and god bless.

berenike said...

Ach, you beat me to it. Dratters. It's going up anyway :D

A Catholic Comes Home said...

God Bless that Friar.

Anita Moore said...

I want to see more of the Eucharistic Lord on the streets. I'd prefer a procession, though. Greater solemnity, greater protection for the Sacred Species, and the faithful can be more certain that this is the real deal. Something like this would be much easier for anti-Catholics to parody in an attempt to mock Catholics by making them kneel to a mere piece of bread -- and the fact that it's a mockery wouldn't be as obvious as if they were mocking a procession.

I did think that the Biblical proclamations of the Lord were quite compelling. That would be a good addition to a procession.