07 June 2011

"The So Called Extraordinary Form"

If Damian is right, then Archbishop Conti has said lots of dispiriting things about the EF.  Strangest of all, though, is his description of it as "the so called Extraordinary Form" (I wonder if the initial capitals are his or Damian's), as though whoever had thus named it had swiped an honourable title for a dishonourable act.

Not my Hierarchy, luckily, though James Preece has pointed out that ours can support fatuity of a similar scale when it wants.

What surprises me is the sheer brass neck of the Archbishop: he has examined what the Pope has said about the Liturgy of the Roman Church, and has found it wanting in respect of what the Glaswegian Church already knows.  Although the recent instruction (note the word: "instruction", not "vague suggestion") said that Bishops had to act according to the mens of the Holy Father, this Bishop has decided that Glaswegian Catholics have no need for such things.

As I've said: not my Hierarchy; otherwise I might have to investigate the supposition that he only has the time to make such comments about the Mass because he has managed to rid his local Church of any connection at all to the anti-English, anti-Union, anti-Protestant sentiment that used to be considered to be a hallmark of some of its members.


Left-footer said...

Perhaps in Scotland, as in England, there exists amongst the Hierarchy, the idea that the Pope is no more than another Bishop with, as Runcie put it, "primacy of affection".

Anonymous said...

If you ask me, what is happening is that the bishop is going away and is simply terrified that after him, an EF deluge may come.

The recent appointment to Aberdeen is, I believe, a flavour of things to come.

As Fr Finigan has pointed out, if there is no demand for the EF then there's no need to remind his priests that there isn't.

Not a good time to be a trendy bishop, is it?