11 April 2012

Help Sought

I said a while ago that I was working on a piece about the reception of Humanæ Vitae by the Church in England and Wales, but I have fallen into a deep and interesting (and possibly significant) rabbit hole: how influential were some of the lay organisations in the Church in England and Wales at the time of the Council and subsequently.

I'm interested in how they became influential: whose agenda was suited by support from lay organisations?  Who provided them with ecclesiastical support?

And how far were they used by "progressive" Bishops and clergy to leapfrog their more conservative confrères?

I'm thinking of organisations like the Laity Commission and the Newman Society, in particular in the early phase, but there might be more. Later on you come across lots more.  I obviously don't mean the KSC, SVP, UCM or CWL: PBI, to add another TLA to the list.

The Hierarchy in England and Wales has always actively sought "representative" laity, from the Catholic Union in the latter part of the nineteenth century to Catholic Voices in the twenty-first, representative, that is, of what the Hierarchy thought lay Catholics should be like; but what I'm chasing down here are the relationships between key members of the Hierarchy and key members of what became key lay organisations.

Any pointers gratefully received.


Mater mari said...

Nothing really helpful, I'm afraid, but a former parish priest, now long dead, said that the Charismatic Renewal Movement AT THAT TIME (1981) was in the forefront of the rejection of HV. This might, of course, have been a case of generalising from the particular but I offer it for what it's worth.

Dorothy B said...

Ttony, you refer to the Newman Society. There is such an organisation, but a more prominent and influential one is the Newman Association.

Mike Cliffson said...

Sorry to be so vague , but one odd thing at the time of HV being made public were a few well publicised(sort of prefabricted?) cases of troubled and/ or dissenting clergy , some perhaps with genuine problems of conscience, being spontaneously (?) "helped" and "supported" by "ad hoc grassroots (were they?)" lay organizations here and there (the MSM, Beeb, had their usual utter misinformation , probably their reports inthe archives would be unhelpful, typical media fieldday,) which one heard had connects - but you know what it's like to talk to those of our fellow catholics who know so exactly who is in with whom for what and how, right into the vatican and stopping short only just below the holy spirit.It was the" something or other" crowd in with whoever in ¿southwark? or whatever doiocese or catholic organization , I was told, but you posted a week ago and it just hasn't come back.
Still any beeb or msm or even catholic press mention of comments from relevant laity and any organization , giving a name, might be a place to start , if you've a good chunk of eternity and an public library's resources.
God bless