23 August 2012

Straws, Blowing, In Search Of Bricks

Jon Cruddas was invited to speak at a Las Casas Foundation conference at Blackfriars at Oxford last autumn, but the threat of a SPUC-led prayer vigil outside led to this Catholic pro-abortion MP withdrawing from the conference.

He was also to have spoken at a Justice and Peace do in the Brentwood Diocese, but has pulled out of this too, after various protests. Some e-mails sent protesting about the invitation were met by curt and rude replies from what appear to have been officials of the Brentwood Diocese.

The Bishop of Brentwood has celebrated his 75th birthday.

Paul Inwood, the well known Catholic musician who is in receipt of significant emoluments from the Diocese of Portsmouth, has launched an attack on what might be called the "Reform of the Reform" position on Gregorian Chant, attracting support from musicians in diocesan music groups E&W-wide.

A new Bishop for Portsmouth has been appointed and will be consecrated soon.

The well known tabletista gay-marriage supporting Catholic theology lecturer Tina Beattie has been asked to speak in Clifton Cathedral to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of Vatican II.

The Bishop of Clifton is about to withdraw for some months.

All around, the lay groups which have been in the driving seat for many years seem to be trying to take, consolidate, or hold on to power, and claim leadership of Catholic England and Wales as though their position is under threat.

Watch out for a CAFOD initiative or drive in the next couple of months, and look to see what is happening in the dioceses whose Bishops are approaching 75 or who have already passed that milestone.

Bishop McMahon of Brentwood was 75 in June 2011.
Bishop Rawsthorne of Hallam was 75 in November 2011.
Bishop Budd of Plymouth was 75 in May 2012.
Bishop Hine, Auxiliary in Southwark will be 75 in July 2013.
Archbishop Kelly of Liverpool will be 75 in November 2013.
Bishop Brain of Salford will be 75 in December 2013.


Richard Collins said...

So there is hope after all. Happy birthday your Lordships!

Left-footer said...

Thank you for your excellent research, and for its encouraging results. Many of us will sleep more easily.

God bless!

Mike Cliffson said...

Perhaps not the beginning of the end, godsend it be the end of the beginning......

Trisagion said...

...and best of all, His Eminence Cormac Cardinal Murphy-O'Connor is 80 today. Happy birthday, you Eminence.

Ben Trovato said...

Err, would that be Paul Inwood, guilty of the dreadful Gathering Mass?

Ttony said...

Ben, it is he and he is paid to be Director of Music and Liturgy for the diocese.

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Genty said...

No doubt Mr. Inwood and his ilk are aware of that ancient Catholic saying: What goes around comes around.