09 September 2012

A Window Closes - Some Good News

It turns out that the lecture by the well known tabletista gay-marriage supporting Catholic theology lecturer Tina Beattie, who had been asked to speak in Clifton Cathedral to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of Vatican II, has been cancelled.

This is very good news.  H/t to Countercultural father who spotted it first.

Might we dare to hope that by adequately publicising, and well in advance, goings-on of this sort we might see at worse more cancellations, and at best a reduction in invitations to heterodox Catholics to preach as though their beliefs were mainstream and Catholic.

I think a bottle of the Taylors '83 would be in order.


Dorothy B said...

Isn't that interesting? I wonder what is behind it.

Richard Collins said...

"Taylors 83?" I thought that Theakston's was the celebratory brew for those north of Watford Gap.

Mike Cliffson said...

mene mene tekel upharsim?

Left-footer said...

Yipee! I mean "Bravo!"