19 September 2012

Liverpool (2012), Liverpool (1980)

At the 1980 National Pastoral Congress in Liverpool, Sector B, Topic 3, under the chairmanship of Mr David Hobman proposed:

"...adaptations must be made in anticipation of the growing shortage of priests.  Domestic litugies must be encouraged and lay people must be trained to offer leadership in those liturgies where the priest's presence is not essential and which do not involve the celebration of the Mass.  These celebrations have the advantage of encouraging joint Christian worshop and what we can do together should be done on an ecumenical basis."

It's all there.  They've wanted to do this for ages.


Left-footer said...

This is really worrying. What will have to be cut out from Catholic Church practices so as to make the 'joint Christian worship' acceptable to non-Catholics?

I think we can guess.

God bless!

Genty said...

It may have legs under the present archbishop, but might come to a grinding halt under his successor in the not-too-distant future. One lives in hope . . . .

Damask Rose said...

God help us. Perhaps there will be a schism in E&W one day.

Exactly what Left-footer said. Protestantism.

Nothing changes - it's always old heresies. What did all those martyrs die for?

St Thomas More
St John Fisher
St Edmund Arrowsmith
St Edmund Campion
St John Southworth
St Robert Southwell

Pray for us.