08 October 2012

A Rough Beast, Slouching ...

I've got the start of an idea buzzing around in my mind and I can't present it polished and finished, but think it worth throwing out as is, so that either someone else can turn it into something useful or I can be told that I'm wasting my time.

I got distracted while thinking about Veritatis Splendor for the Catholic Reading Group by the young man who asked Jesus “what good shall I do that I might have life everlasting?” I started to meditate on the difference between a morality based on "Do Good" and one based on "Don't do Evil" and started to wander down a rabbit hole influenced by a recurrent memory of my father changing how he did his Examination of Conscience from measuring himself against the ten Commandments to asking whether he had clothed the naked, fed the hungry etc.  (Being a simple, literal, sort of man he joined the SVP so he could do all, and fretted because he couldn't be a prison visitor, but that's a digression.)

Another influencing thread in what was going on (bear in mind I have been travelling a lot and was tired and disorientated) was thinking about a "spirit of Vatican IIism" that all vocations are equal, and that the priest was merely the member of the community who turned the bread and wine into God's Body and Blood, and was neither more or less important than somebody called to carpentry.

Anyway, musing about all of these things I started to think about a Catholic England and Wales that started pointing children towards jobs/careers/professions which are currently held by anti-life to convert them.  Make Catholic schools centres for STEM subjects and make them a fertile source of medics - doctors and nurses - who will proclaim Life by specialising in gynaecology and the end of life; encourage vocations to teaching; replace Connections with a Catholic alternative full of Catholic youth-focused professionals; you get the drift: squeezing anti-Life out of the picture.

There it is, for what it's worth.  Could it fly?


Left-footer said...

It's wings are already beating, and I look forward to the next stage. Thank you for setting me thinking.

Your father was a wise man, and you clearly have taken after him.

God bless!

Mike Cliffson said...

It's been being tried , but with very limited sucess numberswise. Whenever THEY get wind of it they pull all stops agin it - palpably, satan hates it , as you get coalitions that look like a human conspiracy agin, and demonstrably are not.
Nonetheless, eg, every catholic gyno that has deliberately become a gyno to BE prolife, in God's strength, not their own, does any amount of unsung and unnoticed good - and gets persecution by the second, hour , and day.

Ben Trovato said...

Yes I think it is the way ahead. And more broadly raising Catholic kids, who have Catholic marriages and are Catholics within their parishes, is also a great force for good (at least I hope so - it's my only chance...)