30 April 2014

Deacon Nick, Mgr Loftus

Irrespective of what might look like rights and wrongs to those who (like me) don't have access to all the information, Deacon Nick's blog is to close down, because he is being obedient to his Ordinary, who has asked him to close it down.

We should be grateful to Deacon Nick for the witness he has shown hitherto, and for the witness he continues to show.

We should pray for him, and, usual suspects, you will see me propose a Twitter Novena shortly.

But as an imaginative response, why don't we combine to ask Mgr Loftus's superiors to invite him to consider the virtue of silence as well?  The Apostolic Administrator of the diocese of Leeds (I assume Mgr Loftus is still incardinated in Leeds) can be contacted through the diocesan webmaster john.grady@dioceseofleeds.org.uk.  You might want to raise your concern through the editor of the "catholic" paper which publishes his heresy who can be contacted here: joseph.kelly@thecatholicuniverse.com or on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/CATHOLIC_MD or you might think that the editor of a paper sold in catholic churches ought to be equally subject to his Ordinary, in which case contact Bishop Brignall of Wrexham here: diowxm@globalnet.co.uk.

We might ask the editor of the Catholic Herald by email here: editorial@catholicherald.co.uk or on Twitter @LukeCoppen whether Fr Rollheiser has a dispensation to preach non-orthodox Catholicism from the newspaper's website.

These are just a few ideas that would allow Bishop Campbell's actions in Lancaster to be contextualised by other bishops and responsible people as pastoral activity to combat the publication of views and ideas which any Catholic might find offensive.


Adam said...

Mgr Loftus currently resides in the diocese of Aberdeen, so direct your letters there.

Genty said...

A worthy intention, Ttony. But, practically, I'm afraid such contacts would be filed in the usual place. It seems that once a man is elevated he becomes pretty much untouchable and can spout contra Catholic teaching, however preposterous, with impunity. In these troubled days it seems that the contras have the ear of primacy which is itself bedevilled by internal politics and sorry ambition. It's they who need a time of pause and reflection. The only answer I can come up with is prayer, prayer and more prayer.

Bruvver Eccles said...

I'm told that Loftus is still listed on the Leeds diocesan website.

Londiniensis said...

... and I have just seen a pink thing with a curly tail flying past my window ...