25 April 2014

Very Old Bishops

H/t De la Cigoña

The oldest Bishop in the Church today is the Frenchman Leuliet, Bishop Emeritus of Amiens, who is 104.

There are two American Bishops who are 101.

There are two who are 100: one Argentine, and one from the Democratic Republic of Congo, (though he was born in Europe).

One 99 year old Italian.

Seven who are 98, and one who on 30 April will join this group. Among these is notable presence of the first cardinal on the list, the (recently named Cardinal) Loris Capovilla from Italy. 

Seven are 97 years, although, as we have said, one is about to be promoted

Three are 96, eight, 95, twelve, 94, thirteen, 93, twenty-four are 92 and seventeen are 91.

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Left-footer said...

Glad to read this - now I don't feel so defunct.

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