06 October 2014

Arundel and Brighton: High Paid Employees

A&B seems to have been a good gig, according to the accounts.  Perhaps a big diocese with great expectations. Look at the number of people earning over £60,000 a year:

2011 2012 2013
£60K-70K 4 3 1
£70K-80K 3 2 4
£90K-100K 1 1 1



Fr Ray Blake said...

Is this higher than other diocese pay their Director of Education, Financial Secretary etc
One of the positive things abut KC was he cut diocesan expenditure, which multiplied under his predecessor.

Ttony said...

Father, I've looked at Clifton, Birmingham and Plymouth, and none had anyone in any role paid higher that £70K.

It's really frustrating that the dioceses send this information to the Charity Commission (as they have to) but make it near impossible for ordinary Catholics to access.

Perhaps I should give up even more of my time to this.