16 October 2014

How The Defeat Of Heresy At Synods Is Welcomed

The below, by St Cyril, recounts what happened at the Synod of Ephesus 17 centuries ago, when those who denied that Mary was the Mother of God were defeated:

"The whole town of Ephesus, from early morning until evening, remained anxious awaiting the result ... When it was learned that the author of the blasphemy had been deposed, all with one voice began to glorify God and acclaim the Synod, because the enemy of the Faith had fallen. No sooner had we come out of the church, we were escorted with torches to our homes. It was night but the entire city was merry and bright."

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Left-footer said...

Wonderful! I hope the author of the blasphemy got a good kicking for trying to mislead the faithful, but I somehow doubt it.

God bless!