27 May 2017

Sunday In The Octave Of The Ascension 1865

(I’m travelling so normal service will not be resumed before 4 June.)

28 SUNDAY within the Octave of the Ascension. St Gregory VII, Pope Confessor, double. Second prayers and Last Gospel of the Sunday, third and fourth prayers of the two Octaves. White. Second Vespers of St Gregory VII to the Little Chapter, thence to St Eleutherius with commemoration of St Gregory (antiphon Dum esset), the Sunday and the two Octaves. Red. [In Diocese of Shrewsbury commemoration of the BVM before St Augustine.]

29 Monday St Eleutherius, Pope Martyr, double. Red.

30 Tuesday St Aldhelm, Bishop Confessor, double (transferred from 25 May). Fourth prayers of ST Felix, Bishop Martyr. Red.

31 St Angela Merici, Virgin, double. Fourth prayers of St Petronilla, Virgin. White. [In Diocese of Shrewsbury, the Octave of the BVM, double. Fourth prayers of St Petronilla, Virgin. White.]

1 Thursday Octave of the Ascension, double. White.

2 Friday Octave of St Augustine, double. Second prayers of the Feria, third prayers of Sts Marcellinus, Peter, and Erasmus, Martyrs. White. Abstinence.

3 Saturday Whitsun-eve, semidouble. Proper Preface and during the ensuing week. Red. FAST.

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