25 April 2007

Another "How Not To Celebrate Mass" Video

On the day that Zenit posted an interesting article about how the Agnus Dei should be sung at the Fraction, I saw a new YouTube video which shows the Agnus Dei being sung inappropriately, while accompanying a major liturgical abuse.

Can I be a grumpy old man and right, both at the same time?


Mac McLernon said...

Hi Ttony, check out the letter from ICEL which Fr Tim Finigan received on the new translation and copyright!

Londiniensis said...

Are they really doing what I think they're doing? In which case this is not "mere" liturgical abuse, but sacrilege.

No, they're just crumbling up some stale pieces of bread to go feed the ducks ... surely ... please !

Anonymous said...

Fr Tim has been forced to remove the New Mass Texts, they available here

Jeffrey Smith said...

"Can I be a grumpy old man and right, both at the same time?"
In a word? Yes.

Ttony said...

I was tempted to run a competition along the lines of "How many things are wrong here?"

Thank you as ever to Jeffrey "The Voice of Common Sense" Smith

Anonymous said...

Et cum spiritu tuo.
This Utube is simply appalling.
I was offered a replacement after I had seen the sacrilege and that cooled me down. It was the singing of Salve Regina at the end of a Tridentine Mass. If you want to see that then:-


Ttony said...

The link doesn't work for me, but at least by searching on YouTube for Salve Regina, I found a couple of decent versions I was able to enjoy.

But there needs to be a major Act of Reparation for all the abuses that occur.

Jeffrey Smith said...

Being "the voice of common sense" is a very uncomfortable distinction in America.

Fr. Greg said...

There are several full presentations of the TLM on Youtube (some of them are split into segments) as well as segments from the traditional Byzantine, (Indo-)Syriac, Coptic, Ethiopian, and Armenian rites. IMHO, the best presented of the TLM is a Votive Mass of the BVM, apparently celebrated at an SSPX chapel in Poland, which is divided into several segments.

Anonymous said...

Apologies for the fauly link to the Salve Regina. The trouble is caused by 0 and O being indestinguishable when reading although the computer sees them both quite differently.
The first two 0's are zeros and the third one is a letter O
Sorry and all that.

Ttony said...

This links works - it is wonderful.