07 April 2007

An interview with the Cardinal

This week's Spectator publishes an interview with Cardinal MO'C by Stuart Reid. It isn't available online except to subscribers to the print edition. The first three paragraphs give a flavour of what is to come.

It is good on the position of the Church in society, particularly in a secularised country like the UK, though the banner on the cover - "Christians Need More Persecution" - is a bit misleading. It is odd on the question of the Just War, in that the Cardinal is quoted as believing that the principles of just war theory "are very, very difficult to fulfil now" and suggests that the Church is all but pacifist. It is ambiguous and, to my mind, a little patronising on the subject of the Tridentine Rite. And the author concludes by implying the Cardinal's support for Abbot Christopher Jamison as his successor.

The interview tells us rather more about the interviewer than his subject. Don't rush out to spend £2.95 on the Spectator just because of this article.

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