24 May 2007


I had my annual performace review today. I was told that I was too intellectual. I said that, given that we didn't have problems any more, only opportunities, then my intellect might be an insurmountable opportunity. I was told that that was exactly the sort of thing that they were talking about.

Ho hum.


Mac McLernon said...

Never mind, Ttony... try not to "think" about it...

*chortles sympathetically*

How in the blazes is it possible to be too intellectual? I mean, where do you work... McDonalds??

Ttony said...

The Civil Service, dear lady. You, the public, have told us through your representatives that you want targets, and targets have to have metrics, and those metrics have to cover both performance and effect.

I might say "meretricious" and do, but that is intellectualism, and it means that I don't get a pay rise this year, which menas that inflation eats my salary away. Never mind: the public is being served!