06 May 2007

An Iberian Eye Looks at England

In a post commemorating the twenty-fifth Anniversary of the Falklands War, from a rather different point of view than we will see in the UK, Rafael Castela Santos speaks about England.

"How I wish that this England, to which I owe so many thanks and which I love so much, could once again be the England of Tolkien, of Chesterton, of Belloc; of St Edward and of Alfred the Great; the England with which I can identify myself! God grant that the vision the holy Curé d'Ars had, of an England whose culture, wisdom and holiness were made magnificent by her return to Catholicsm, might come to pass! How I wish that England could once again be the most monastic nation in Christianity, as once it was! How I wish that the bitterness towards his country of that greatest of writers, Evelyn Waugh, might be changed into a happy smile in the hereafter! If only that idea, so united, so balanced and so perfect, that Cardinal Newman had about so many things could take root in his own country! How I wish that England could stop being Phoenician and could become Roman once again, in every sense of the word!


Anonymous said...

What can I say?!!
This is exactly my feeling!
There is much about present-day England that I despise (maybe that's not quite the right word). I used to love England, the land of my birth, but now I dispair. I am so glad that I do not live there any more. It seems to me to be a land without ideas, without principles, without hope. A land of faded antiquity living on its history but without real guts. Debilitated by socialism which is the new religion, it has nothing to offer to the world. The only more despicable country that I can think of is Holland.
There are many there that I love but I have no love of the country.
This comment colum also annoys me greatly. Entering once is not enough. Try "preview" and you are sent back again to enter your comment. Try enter and again you are sent back to enter your comment. Over and over and over again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ttony said...

I can't take responsibility for Blogger, I'm afraid.

Belgium is pretty awful, too.

The 10 years of Blair are coming to an end. The only way for anyone to stay in power or to get power will be to undo or promise to undo the legacy of mendacity, sleaze and meretriciousness he leaves behind him.

I would start humming "Things can only get better" if it wasn't for the fact that it was his campaign song ten years ago.

Anonymous said...

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Ttony said...

Oh dear!

Anonymous said...

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