10 May 2007

In which I learn a lesson

Several lessons ...

I posted a comment on the blog of a Catholic journalist on a national newspaper about the poor young Irish woman who is coming to the UK for an abortion.

1. Newspaper blogs are not quite like blogspot blogs: they are read by people from a wide spectrum of opinion rather than by people who have chosen to read blogs with which they feel in tune.

2. If you have an e-mail address on your profile, a lot of people will feel the need to send you an e-mail. There is an e-mail equivalent of green ink. E-mails can be as vile and poisonous as letters.

3. Journalists are much, much, better at witty put downs (however poor their arguments) than I am; that's probably why they are journalists and I just run a modest blog.

4. If you thought that some of the Catholics who posted on The Universe's forum when it existed were "robust" in their opinions, then try those who read blogs from national press.

5. Remember all four lessons above before posting on a journalist's blog.

6. But also remember that the Truth is Great and It will prevail; and that being a fool for Christ's sake has, at least, apostolic approbation.

Bloodied, and a bit bowed, I am

Dear Readers

Yours affec. in Xto


Fr. Greg said...

Don't take it personally, even if it's personal.

Anonymous said...

Will bear all that in mind...

Ttony said...

Thanks Fr Greg. One person (another Greg) expressed much better what I wanted to say. But the journo has moved on.

Jackie: just think hard first.

Anonymous said...

Indeed the journo has moved on but I wonder how he felt when the question was asked "Should Thompson be excommunicated?" I am with "Sid" on this. Wouldn't it be something if indeed he were excommunicated? But there's fat chance of that!

Ttony said...

Fr Dwight Longenecker called him "effete" recently. I wondered at the time if the word means something different in American from English.

ali said...

Ali from Vive Jesus here!
I just realized you put me on your blogroll, thanks! :)

Now I proceed to spend some time in your files! fun! God bless.