06 September 2007

Another Poem by John Hegley

This is an alternative to the parable of the Rich Man. It's about people like us, like me.


This Messiah walks into a bar
and asks for a drink of tap water.
'Why don't you buy a drink for a change,
instead of changing water into one?'
says the barman.
'Buy one? What with?' asks the Messiah.
'How come you never have any money?'
'Because I don't believe in it.'
'What do you believe in?'
'I believe in you. I love you.'
'Don't give me that,
you buy a drink, or you get out.'
'Oh, come on, what does a drink of water cost?'
'It costs me labour to pour it.
You take up space to drink it,
then I have to wash the cup up after you.
And what if you break it?
Who pays then?'
'I could mend it.'
'Perform a miracle, you mean?
And have everyone crowding around
in amazement
and not buying drinks? No thanks.

John Hegley from Uncut Confetti


WhiteStoneNameSeeker said...

Lots to think about with this one.
Jesus on my terms...still something I struggle with.

Fr Tim Finigan said...
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