19 September 2007

Crispian contra Mundum?

Have a read of Damian Thompson's blog in the Daily Telegraph.

The Bishop of Portsmouth has really put his cards on the table - or rather, in modern fashion, has got somebody else to put his cards on the table in a way that the Bishop can later condemn as being "not quite the message he wished to convey".

The enemy is out and in full view: or is he?

My guess is that the B of P is a stalking horse. He is deliberately setting out, on behalf of the liberal Hierarchs, to gauge people's reactions. "His" document (not his, of course, but his "Director of Liturgy's", and what a pretty pass we have come to when the post of Director of Liturgy is given to a musician) is setting out a stall. How people react to the stall will guide Crispian's brother Bishops in what they are going to be able to get away with.

Is this the field on which we wish to fight?

We might as well: let's start here, and then take the battle to "them".


WhiteStoneNameSeeker said...

Philip at Carpe Canem has raised some hornets. He's a brave man!
It appears the MP is having some unexpected results as the Light is shone into some dark and Latin-free corners.

I think more nastiness is coming as more fearful people find their felt banners going limp.

John said...

The worst part of this is his idea of using the civil authorities to come down with their legislation in the matter of working with children.
This aspect is the most despicable of all.
Clearly the diocese is going to use civil legislation to supress the traditional Mass.
Any dirty means is acceptable (obviously) to the Portsmouth diocese in order to circumvent the Sum. Pont..

Moretben said...

Well - another triumph for the blogosphere. How gratifying that these people who think of themselves as having their collective finger on the pulse of modernity don't understand, and can't harness, the power of the Internet.

Wake up, soixante-huitards! You can't feed a pack of lies to conniving editors anymore and wait for the rest of us to swallow it. The Novus Ordo regime was established in lies and perhaps the Novus Ordo Establishment believe it can only be sustained on them. Perhaps the corrupt and corrupting culture of Conciliar spin has brought them to where they can't tell lies from the truth any more. At any rate, as WSNS says, a light is being shone into corners imagined for forty years to be impermeable to it.