21 September 2007

Lisbon, twinned with Portsmouth

I haven't the energy to translate the letter to priests sent by The Cardinal Patriarch of Lisbon which I linked to from the Casa de Sarto.

D. José Policarpo, the Cardinal Patriarch is what some of my military friends like to describe as an oxygen thief.

Here are some new conditions for celebrating the Extraordinary Rite: the people should understand the Latin spoken by the Priest; the Priest must be able to sing the Gregorian Chant appropriate for the celebration; no changes may be made (in fact they are positively prohibited) to the Sanctuary to enable the celebration of Mass ad orientem; the Priest must be able to discern that those asking for the Extraordinary Rite are in favour of the Ordinary Rite as well.

Most importantly:

"8. Let us be vigilant, so that this concession granted by the Holy Father, who was bearing in mind the good of the whole Church, cannot be turned into a campaign in favour of the Old Mass. This would be a move against the Reform of the Liturgy and the whole spirit of Vatican II, and would be to ignore the label of Extraordinary which the Holy Father has clearly attached to the use of the 1962 Missal."
And this is from a Patriarch of the Roman Church. O infelix Lusitania!


JSarto said...

Caro amigo, por estas bandas estamos mesmo tramados com as moscas heréticas que nos caíram na sopa.

Um grande abraço!

John said...

Muito interesante jsarto!
Em particular, gosto "as moscas hereticas que nos cairem na sopa"
Ha muitos annos que escribeu en Portuges.


Benfan said...

LOL. When I read rubbish like this it gives me great cause to celebrate. People will gravitate to where they are being fed. I know this may sound a little strange but I think maybe they will be led by the Holy Spirit! When I read what heculean efforts these poor humans are expected to perform to frustrate the Holy Spirit it makes me smile. Children waving plastic swords in the face of God almighty. They condemn themselves out of their own mouths. His time is short. I hope he chooses Christ before he dies.