23 March 2008

One Way To To Celebrate Easter

Put a ringtone of the Christus Vincit (Radio Vaticana-like, cheapo organ version) on your mobile.

Set it as your alarm tone, as well as your incoming call tone.

Set yourself alarms for, say, every ten minutes that you'll be out in public.

Make sure the volume is set to very loud.

Go out for a longish walk where there are lots of people.

WARNING: this really embarrasses 17 and 14 year olds. Make sure they understand "Be a fool for Christ's sake" and let them go and buy the paper and some milk, and don't worry when they try to pretend not to be with you. Then tell them they can go by themselves to the funfair this evening.

My ringtone has verses, never mind just the chorus!

Happy Easter, everybody!


John said...

I think it a great idea Ttony. The only drawback is that I don't have a mobile phone and I don't intend getting one. I hate ringing people on mobiles because they cost me more than a normal phone call. Sometimes I have no choice in the matter. My reluctance to ringing anyone on a mobile ensures that I only do so as a last resort.


FrGregACCA said...

Wonder how many people recognize the ringtone? Heck, my daughter has hers set on Schubert's "Ave Maria" and not everyone recognizes THAT.

Mac McLernon said...

Heheheheh... I alternate between the Salve Regina and Credos I and III... and they're sung too (I transferred the files from my computer to my phone!)

...but I haven't got Christus Vincit... yet!