04 March 2008

Worsted By A Catholic Editor, Again!

I got the online version of a tongue-lashing a few months ago when I suggested on his blog that the Editor-in-Chief of the Catholic Herald might not be right about something.

I tried to defend a friend against some glib comments by the Editor of The Universe on his forum and have come off even worse: he accuses me of being a tabloid journalist.
The moral is obvious: don't tangle with these people as you aren't going to best them.
Get your mate onto it instead.


WhiteStoneNameSeeker said...

You could bloggen them to death

Moretben said...

Well TTony, your defence was welcome, highly appreciated and - despite your own doubts - devastatingly effective. Said editor's performance on that thread is absolutely pathetic. Read it again. From aggressive dissidence he moves to whinging about getting it the neck from his friends for defending "orthodoxy" (this, under his Belloc avatar), to lame attempts to claim the role of "devil's advocate". Only his most dedicated sycophants can fail to get the picture, and get it whole.

By the way - is there an unexploded bomb in your inbox? Or did the report simply leave your savoir faire unruffled?

Ottaviani said...

I daresay that most serious Catholics care for what the Puny-verse writes nowadays.

Or any of the other "Catholic" newspapers...