15 March 2008

Suffered Under Pontius Pilate ...

Ecclesiologically, this has been a pretty hard week. A close friend has given up attending SSPX Mass and has reconciled with ... Constantinople; the Catholic Herald has had a disastrously misaimed pop at the SSPX; and Archbishop Conti has discovered that the orientation of the priest at Mass is a richness discovered by Vatican II.

But I have one thing to give great thanks for: a new insight.

It is not surprising that the average practising Catholic hears little about what went on during the Passion which will stop him in his tracks. He knows the narrative inside out; he has learned that he was the one shouting "Crucify Him!" by the simple expedient of having to take the part of the ignorant people every year during the congregational Passion. He can time what time he will be out of each of the Holy Week ceremonies.

So it's very rare that anybody can make us stop and start at a new insight into what happened. But Fr Ray Blake has: look at this.

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