27 January 2009

Bishop Fellay And Doing The Pope's Will

Even those of us who think that he is "Top Pope" are astounded by the brilliance with which Benedict XVI handles those who might be described inaccurately as on his right or his left.

I wonder if Alastair Campbell is reading Catholic websites and blogs thinking "Gosh!" (Alright, it wouldn't be "Gosh!" but you know what I mean.) "Gosh! This bloke knows how to reconcile one set of wanabee enemies by using the calendar and language of his real enemies!"

By using the inclusive language of the version of Vatican II peddled by the Church's internal opposition, the Pope has pulled the rug from under anybody who wants to attack the decree of lifting the excommunications from a Catholic point of view.

And, heroically, Bishop Fellay, has now forbidden Bishop Williamson from commenting further on politics or history and has asked forgiveness of the Pope and of all men of good will - those outside the Church whom Vatican II might reasonably have been said to have addressed:

Le affermazioni di Mons. Williamson non riflettono in nessun caso la posizione della nostra Fraternità. Perciò io gli ho proibito, fino a nuovo ordine, ogni presa di posizione pubblica su questioni politiche o storiche. Noi domandiamo perdono al Sommo Pontefice e a tutti gli uomini di buona volontà, per le conseguenze drammatiche di tale atto.

The world is turning fast: this is great!

I wonder if His Holiness has been thinking about Westminster this week; you knw, while he's on a roll ...

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